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Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) works hand in hand with Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the construction industry where a 3D virtual model is created from all parties involved. Through this process we can actively coordinate and resolve issues before the project breaks ground and provide essential information to all parties involved from within the model. At Midlands Mechanical, we have invested in staying ahead of this industry trend for many reasons. By modeling our piping in 3D and coordinating the project up front, we can pre-fabricate much, if not all of the piping in a safe, controlled, shop environment instead of in the field. This increases productivity, reduces risk, and aides in more accurately estimated material quantities for ordering purposes. Midlands Mechanical also has the ability to engineer mechanical systems and provide stamped and signed drawings.

Professional Virtual Design and Construction

Total Station field layout works hand in hand with Virtual Design Construction. With today’s crunched project schedules, we can quickly and easily lay out hangers, sleeves, pads, and more. Once the model is coordinated and while we are pre-fabricating our pipe, we upload the necessary layout information to our total station. Our field operator quickly and efficiently lays out what is needed on the job. Layout is normally a one-person operation with the ability to layout hundreds of points per day in most situations.


We understand how confusing it may be to know what you’re looking at in a model.  That’s why we also offer our knowledge to the end user, the owner. Midlands Mechanical will take the time to sit with the owner and walk them through the model. We also have the ability to associate the equipment O&M’s with the model.


We are always in pursuit of new processes, systems and equipment that will improve upon our quality, accuracy and efficiency. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide efficiently coordinated projects with cost saving solutions.

Total Station field layouts

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